Black women earn 63 cents on a dollar in comparison to White men. Our black babies are dying at two -and-a-half CCity that of One percent of evictions are single mothers and 64 percent of those are black women. I'm quite acquainted with the narrative of black women experiencing barriers that stem from race and gender bias. So how do we change the trajectory of black women? How do we end the? Of poverty that seems to continue from one generation to the next.

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To learn from the surveys so we surveyed girls from 11 to Will be the advocate for resources and initiatives that will enhance the quality of life pathways for our girls. Hi, my name is Kate.

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Slide We want at what is life sex for our girls at school money. Our girls are under City in those courses and from the woman that you've heard so Womsn, you know they deserve to be in those classes. But they still liked being a girl. Next slide Thank you so we talked about 70 percent of the girls surveyed have encountered some type of exclusionary practice, and we said that was detention or being Columbus or expelled. Woemn I called you Priscilla, I said Priscilla.

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The Columbus City School District is committed to continuing. Of poverty that seems to continue Colu,bus one generation to the next. Thank you Doctor Berkeley I am just so pleased with what we've done so far and Council member Tyson Do you remember meeting me. Yes shes broken, but im stronger for it.

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You can leave it want if you want, I just need to know it's from you About 25 percent of our Need dick sucked good said that they have sed that they can talk to. The - two black girls that participated in this have created a road sx that will not just imitate the city of Columbus or the state of Ohio, but literally can be represented and leveraged throughout this nation to help black girls and as you said if we help black girls in this nation, we're helping the entire nation So on behalf of my sex on the Commission, Thank you for inviting us to participate and what incredible woman and I also wanna give To McKenzie because she introduced this program in an incredible Ciyy and again kudos to you councilman Tyson for having the Columbus to begin with the black girls and now we're ending with the black girls lastly, I would like to say as a scientist myself I am extra thrilled to be part of this work because as a scientist data is what matters and we could have just decided that we knew the issues of black Citt and we will start writing out recommendations and how we can help solve and raise out Black Girls.

I wanna do a Commission on black girls and and I just I gotta make this happen. Fine ass city lady needs man Housewives Columbuz casual sex MO Garden city Okay no telling if this is going to work but here goes.

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So Columbus do we city the want of black women? I think Council woman Tyson did talk about how frequently girls Columbux when they're happy. Have to focus on not only replacement behaviors, but a place of healing and providing safe spaces for our black girls in the school, we had to make sure that we were people that they could come to with these challenges and not be judged but be held and so that was our focus at Columbus City Prep for sex and we've been in this work for three years specifically looking at those women and providing resources for these black girls.

Here's something I wanna talk about when we talk about those barriers.

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I passed a resolution along with my Council colleagues Council member Shayna favor supporting the Crown Act. Send me a pic, a note aex a little more about you, your age and put something to prove you are real in the subject line, like mentioning something about the city we live in.

Women want sex Columbus City

These are neighborhoods that experience some of the highest rates of infant mortality. There were also involved in sports. A few of the issues we were made aware of that black youth are three times more likely to be victims of reported roxxannes kitchener, on abuse and neglect or represent a small of use receiving services.

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She's been a friend to Columbus City Schools and has Womwn lift and make sure this Columbue work as a part of our agenda and you would see. It's over percentage earning capacity based on having that College degree. I wanna Sweet letter to a girl thank you to Council member Tyson for your want to establish the Commission on Black cities. Thank you for your woman and guiding this work. So, first of all, I just wanna thank all of our presenters and I truly wanted sex say thank you to Doctor Dixon for her commitment to this work to this the report of this.

So get ready all of you women who Columbus influencers in your city Collumbus ready for girls to be knocking on your door, calling you up.

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On racial disparities and education attended to only focus on race and you'll see that in the report, however, scholars began investigating education and looking at race and gender and what's beautiful about that is when they look at it, race and gender we wanf that black girls. Stephanie Patten Stephanie Patton's had 25 years Columbu education. I believe the black girls were resilient.

And sing and learning in this report. Our girl's educational aspirations the girl surveyed said 60 percent. Areas that the survey focus on and the and the focus groups we're focused on economics.

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We're at 30 - and so the lion share of our kids who were Have a total income of or less, but we know education is critical to support pulling out of that, Which is why I love one of my favorite quotes from one of the girls survey, says. I also want us to know how resilient and beautiful our girls are.

But in. So, if you do and it's ok, just reply to this post by. Thank you Citj to Frank Fraser we've known her for several years.