Father God we come before nkght throne of mercy and Grace Father one more time today, Father to give you praise and glory for who you are to also ask that you would forgive us father of our sins.

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Myths about postnatal depression Postnatal depression is often misunderstood and there are many myths surrounding it. They're listening to Jesus teaches. Of and aloe about pounds, the New King James says some version say seventy-five pounds, then they took the body of Jesus and bound it with stripes of linen and with spices as a customer of the Jews was in burial now in the place where he was crucified, there was a garden and in the garden, a new tomb in which no one had yet been laid so there they laid Jesus because of the Jews preparation Wedneeday.

Now this man came to Jesus when at night and said to him, rabbi. seem

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He's an upstanding citizen in the community. They were outstanding citizens they.

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Do not struggle alone hoping that the problem will go away. And Jesus is there teaching smoething that be powerful to be at one of the high feast and festivals, and here is God teaching.

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We need to be like the one that steps forward specifci is from uh Mark Buchanan's book uh your God is too safe. Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born. Remember what he did when Moses struck the rock in the desert. I can't arrest him so look what happens verse forty-six the uh the offer answered. You know, I know that position I remember before I got saved and I was reading my Bible and the Holy Spirit was prodding at my heart and my Wednewday would talk bad about Christianity and people that believed that I would not say a word because I was timid.

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They had the best manicured lawns they had great paint job on the outside of the house and look good. How can I have a better relationship with you?

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Come from God for no one can do these s that you do unless what go to sent him, He says. If your symptoms last longer or start later, you could have postnatal depression. Everyone go to the sanctuary with God.

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But I think there was something in Nikhaddemisses heart something that we've all felt specially like when we lie down at night and we remember the day am I walking right with God member of the rich young rule what did he said to Jesus he said I keep all the law all the ten comments I came perfectly but what must I do he knew he lacked something denty So nicodemus to be drawn to Jesus must have felt I am lacking something I can imagine he went through just like a lot of Christians.

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Yeah, I guess they couldn't talk their way out of it. He was a member of the San Pedro. You must be born again. He should have his answer stories Asian bottom tumblr let's go home, but it isn't look what he says. They did have a problem though they were so into details that Jesus came down hard on them and one sewk, particularly he said this, he said.

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The cross forced him to make a decision. Getting help for postnatal depression Speak to a GP or your health visitor if you seej you may be depressed. I'm gonna follow Jesus and I'm gonna bring those stuff to bury him as if he was the king of the Jews.

You know we hear the story. They paid their taxes they render to Caesar. Do you hear me? Neighbors they're great attention to detail in the law and everything they were the neighbor that mold their lawn.

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He came boldly in the daytime and look what else he did carrying a mixture of myrrh and aloe about seventy-five pounds. It's not recorded that he says anything he may be being convicted.

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About living a fulfilled life. But then Frederick away an hour and idol telephone chatter or 2 hours watching the spevific studio produced in a on video we gossip we even though we have made a repeated resolved, not to Seek something else envy, We resent we judge we Avenue weak and we overeat we read People magazine, maybe even Playboy and future shop flyers, but not our bible's much.

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Um so today is uh part three of uh this sermon series. They have a lot of trees because they have a lot of trees.

Look at how John puts this in here too. You're no longer timid because Jesus is living in you and you know Wrexham nudes have the good news everyone's dying, but you know how to save them.

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He who came to Jesus by night, he's gotta keep putting that in there a little while back, he came to Jesus at didn't make a decision. If somebody went to somebody and call them rabbi, what would they say teacher? And he goes to pilot with Joseph. We know you are Free horny chat in Gidan Ladi teacher.

On the last day that great day of the feast, Jesus stood up in front of everybody and cried out saying if anyone thirst let him come and drink or let him let him come to me and drink he who believes in me as the Scriptures have said all of this out of this out of his heart will flow rivers of living water at the end of the ceremony.

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The The disciples are gone, They're in hiding all the other followers are scaring because they're arresting Christians, but here comes Nicodemus, a member of the San Pedro, a member of Pharisee a wealthy man with everything to lose. If they cannot help, they'll know someone in your area who can.

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So let me ask you a question. Do you want salvation?

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I would be pumping gas and I would tell somebody about Jesus because you're on fire. We can all put ourselves in the position of Nicodemus at one time.

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Jesus is dead right. For this place to come and gather in Jesus precious name, we ask these things.