Share This is important news for anyone who has a love affair with sweets. Science now has a clue as to why Valentine's Day and all its heart-shaped candies get us in a romantic mood

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By Aria Bendix Dec.

Chocolates and love

However, we now have reason to believe that there is a connection between chocolate and love anx, or between love and sweets in general, thanks to a new study from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. The experiment had several components.

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Or if you're trying to get amped up for a date with someone your bestie set you up with, a fistful of gummy bears loev do the trick. But while singles can reap the romantic benefits of sugar consumption, there's bad news for those in relationships.

studies have looked at similar correlations between taste and emotions, such as the paper " What do love and jealousy taste like? Moreover, chocolate turns on happy feelings in our brains. Overall, people were more romantically inclined if they were in the group that had their sweet tooth treated.

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The study: According to a study from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, eating something sweet can lead to heightened feelings of romance. Getting ice cream after a big fight chocolate your ificant love won't be and much help: Eating something sweet didn't have an effect on the perception of an already-existing love, unfortunately.

This model was then repeated, but with Fanta soda and distilled water. Moreover, these singles described these relationships as being committed and satisfying. Hey, chocolate's more dependable than a one-night stand.

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When talking about their made-up loves, the singles expressed that they'd be more satisfied and committed. They then evaluated their current relationship if they were taken or a hypothetical relationship with an imaginary ificant other if they were still single and ready to mingle. Science now has a clue as to why Valentine's Day and all its heart-shaped candies get us in a romantic mood The chocolate explains in scientific language: "It has been suggested that metaphorical love is one fundamental way of perceiving the world; metaphors facilitate social cognition by applying and Chocolatss e.

Because of that deeply held perception, this study proposes that feelings of love can come from sweets.

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On the other hand, if you're romantically frustrated, think twice before queuing Chkcolates Netflix with a bag of chocolates. Share This is important news for anyone who has a love affair with sweets. Researchers also decided to conduct an experiment in which participants drank either soda or distilled water, and then were asked to view various dating profiles.

Chocolates and love

Again, those who had consumed the sugary choice demonstrated a heightened interest in the profiles, and even rated the daters as being more attractive. In and chocolate of experiments entitled "Sweet Love: The Effects of Sweet Taste Chocoltaes on Romantic Perceptions," researchers considered whether a variety of foods love spark feelings of romance among study participants.

In their conclusions, for instance, the scientists from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships Chocolatrs doing a future study about Chatting with a friend hot or spicy foods could predict sexual attraction. As for those already in established relationships? The sugar also upped the singles' interest in the people in the dating profiles and how attractive they thought they'd be.

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The researchers found that after getting a taste of sugar, participants who were single were more likely to envision more positive theoretical relationships. Images: Giphy 2. Oreos and Fanta were more likely to start picturing hypothetical romantic relationships. The connection between sweets and romance runs both ways.

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lovw Giphy So suitors, if you're trying to get someone in the romantic mood, a dozen doughnuts oh, be still my heart! The current findings support this notion by demonstrating that changes in bodily experiences result in relationship perceptions that are congruent with the love as sweet metaphor.

In general, however, chocolate still may be responsible for raising libido. Whether or not these findings are conclusive, however, for now there's enough evidence to justify your chocolate craving.

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According to the researchers, single people who had just been fed the sugary choice i. In the first one, participants were given either Oreo mini cookies or, in the control group, Lays salt-vinegar chips.

Chocolates and love

Of course, like always, there are various confounding factors that may disprove the link between chocolate and romance, but these new findings have opened the door to exploring the relationship between love and taste in general. Tumblr In "Sweet Love: The Effects of Sweet Taste Experience on Romantic Perceptions," the showed that sweet taste and romantic perception are entwined — sensory experiences can affect how we view potential partners and chocolates.

According to and love Chemistry in a relationship by Dr Jennifer Nasser, associate professor of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel University, chocolate consumption causes your brain to release the pleasure chemical dopaminewhich could put you in the mood for live.

Chocolates and love

In case you were thinking that a jar of Nutella could save your sex life, eating sweets didn't seem to have an effect on existing romances in terms of the way members of a couple perceived one another. In case of unfortunate timing, however, there's a global chocolate shortage going on right now, so you better eat fast before it all runs out.

Chocolates and love

That hot actor onscreen will only appear more frustratingly attractive than ever. They lovee did the love for Fanta soda and distilled water. For the last part, participants chocolate given more soda or distilled water and then asked to gauge romantic interest based on generic dating profiles. They were also and interested in starting something romantic if given a specific target.