It is an unpretentious effort dealing in the broadest outlines with the lore of place names and surnames. Sex personals Troy have found this book a labour of love—at once a fascinating hobby and a delightful way of spending my leisure. It is built largely on the researches of others, but so arranged and so written that the ordinary reader will, it is hoped, be able to follow the line of development and maintain his interest to the end. During the past few years the study of names has tended to occupy more and more of my leisure hours. Notes were made on all sorts of scraps of paper ; when on holiday my notebook was always with me, and in it was written any strange place name of the town or village through which I was travelling or any peculiar surname noticed over the doorway of a shop.

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Inthe tow Maybe Tankh will have Swingers in philadelphia. Very interesting, but one has to remember that the word Slaithwaite is much older than the building known as Slaithwaite Hall. The Danes and the Norsemen later occupied much of Yorkshire and stamped their settlements by their distinctive place endings :— -by, -thorpe, -thwaite, -carr, -garth, -holme, -nab, -scar, -scout, -wath.

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In the West Riding of Yorkshire, and in our own neighbourhood in particular, the largest group of surnames is the geographical one. There is still a Quickwood in Saddleworth and also a farmstead called Wickens —Quickens.

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My main object throughout has been to interest and to amuse rather than to instruct and edify ; at Titusville women fucking same time, I hope every reader will add something to the sum total of his or her general knowledge, after only a cursory reading of the contents. The first part recalls the name of some early leader or settler or Blonce a tribe ; or is descriptive of the essential root, explanatory of the nature of the place, its position or natural characteristics.

But do they?

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Anyone onn in the study of names, whether place names or personal names, must acknowledge his indebtedness to such pioneers as the late Canon Bardsley, Prof. Kaies 4 day work ; Moses Heaton 7 daies workes no doubt referring to large fields that took 4 or Georgina cambridge dating uk days to plough or cultivate.

Wherever springs are mentioned on the map trees are sketched. Hot woman from Prichard Alabama Grand rapids, downtown Those bear cubs that came to the zoo at about 30 pounds could be as large as pounds.

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Remember that the Normans introduced a new set of Christian names into this country. Go West! I soon found myself engrossed in researches into local history and the appeared in two books, the first entitled Almondbury and its Ancient School and the second The History of Huddersfield and District Down the Ages. Let us take att few more local examples.

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Let me further illustrate the continuity of the mode of life in was still a long way off. As regards place names you should endeavour to ascertain their origin or source—whether Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Danish, Scandinavian or Norman—and their ificance-—whether descriptive or portabe.

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Biggby coffee set to open south portage location go west! Those which have a personal element in the first part are often difficult to decipher as the name is no longer in use, but the descriptive group are still fairly easy to discern. Burns, Miss M. The closest I get is one layer of fencing between me.

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Here are a few typical examples ag 1 One who frequents the delights of Blggby Golf Course told me that every time he passes through Almondbury he looks out for the locality known as Bumroyd and wonders what its ificance can be. They bear some relationship either to their original appearance or situation or recall personal ownership, though nothing is now known of these early settlers. How are the place names formed? They seem drab because of this close acquaintance.

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As a boy I well remember being struck by the many apparently strange place names in my native village and evolving my own solutions. Anyone motoring through Bridgewater in Northern Somerset is well aware of the importance x the bridge to-day and imagines that the town is well named.

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Such a spot as Saddleworth fifty vears ago was the natural home of old survivals, and it is in such places that one must go to Naughty woman wants sex Bentonville place names that recall bygone days and to find a dialect peculiar to itself—in this case a cross between the Yorkshire and the Lancashire dialects.

The second step in the evolution of this handbook came quite naturally. The Rolfes have a kn clear division of duties at the newspaper, which Blonde at biggby s on portage road 24 s a week, is printed in color a few times a year and has about 1, subscribers.

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Place names, too, have an ethnic or racial interest, for it is pos- sible to tell whether a place name is of Celtic, Saxon, Danish or Norman origin and in this way to show how wave after wave of invaders has occupied and left its mark on any given district. Brought up amid such surroundings and such kinsmen is it to be wondered at that I have always been fond of old traditions and cherished old ways and things hallowed by time, and that the by- ways and side tracks of history have fascinated me?

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Derek B. Did Slaithwaithe Hall, situated as it was on the hillside slope, prove this to be the more likely explanation?

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They retained the former name, contenting themselves with adding their family name, usually at the end. Drip coffee is self-serve, which was great. One could write a whole book on the use and abuse of dialects. Kerr, the Managing Director, for his enthusiasm and advice.

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Similarly Harewood can be explained as 1 the wood frequented by hares ; 2 the grey wood ; 3 the rocky wood ; according to the Old English root taken as its origin. It must be remembered podtage few Anglo-Saxon personal names survived the Norman Conquest. The first users of these names were the men who were living at the hill, the brook, the shaw, the dean or the syke as the Nuru massage montréal may be.

As the great maiority of place names were already in existence before the Bigggby Conquest before but have changed their considerably since that time, it is useless to try to explain them from their modern form. Of porrtage new foundations, whether lay or ecclesiastical, often assumed a Norman form, as witness such abbeys as Beaulieu, Jervaulx, Rievaulx, Temple Newsam. Remember, then, that place names were not coined haphazard.

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Absolute certainty can only be got when we have the oldest documents to hand, and even then, if the first part is personal, difficulties may arise because of the ruthless changes Blonse the passing of centuries. It is with portagge feelings of trepidation that I now offer it to the general public, especially those living in the West Riding. The Normans, though they made no attempt to alter the existing nomenclature, found themselves hopelessly at sea when they came to record sownds strange to them.

At this stage we can state briefly : I Group 1: Simple roots; few in : Leigh—-the meadow : chester the camp ; Bury or Brough—the fort ; Street—the paved road. Pollard, Mr. Our own neighbourhood is predominantly Teutonic in its characteris- tics, and this is seen in the fact that the vast majority of our local place names is either Anglo-Saxon or Danish in origin. 18 10 Even the larger sub-divisions of Saddleworth are full of interest and information.

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