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DESIGN carpenter jeans with button front detail in mid wash - Mid wash blue Asos 7tnof
DESIGN carpenter jeans with button front detail in mid wash - Mid wash blue Asos
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Subscribe customers to Mail Chimp Email lists during checkout.

This extension integrates your Easy Digital Downloads store with MailChimp and provides access to MailChimp’s extensive eCommerce automation features.

Through this extension you can automatically subscribe customers to specific lists and groups based the item(s) they have purchased. You can also allow customers to opt themselves into a list subscription during checkout, and you can choose to enable or disable double opt-in for email subscriptions.

With complete support for MailChimp’s eCommercetracking, this extension also provides you with access to the eCommerce reports and automation tools inside of your MailChimp account.

Pair MailChimp with Free Downloads to grow your email list

This MailChimp extension is fully integrated with our Free Downloads extension, making it even easier to grow your email list rapidly.

Learn more about the MailChimp eCommerce automation tools .

MailChimp purchase options

Click the button below to view pricing options for the MailChimp extension. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support .

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MailChimp purchase options

Purchase Personal Pass

Gain access to MailChimp and many more extensions with a single purchase. Sneakers for Women On Sale Admiral Blue Neoprene 2017 45 Michael Kors 4.5 Michael Kors 2017 Neoprene Admiral Blue sPsYUyWXgE
. Or you may simply click the button below to begin your purchase.

view all extension Passes

Purchase MailChimp

To purchase just the MailChimp extension, select the option based on the number of sites you will need to activate your license on, and click the Purchase button.

All purchase options are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Extensions subject to yearly license for support and updates. View terms .

Developer: EDD Team

Version: 3.0.9

MailChimp Changelog

Version 3.0.9, June 25, 2018

Version 3.0.8, May 1, 2018

Version 3.0.7, April 17, 2018

Version 3.0.6, April 10, 2018

Version 3.0.5, March 16, 2018

Version 3.0.4, March 8, 2018

Version 3.0.3, February 8, 2018

Version 3.0.2, February 8, 2018

Version 3.0.1, January 16, 2018

Version 3.0, January 15, 2018

Version 2.5.6, January 28, 2016

Version 2.5.5, October 16, 2015

Version 2.5.4, September 13, 2015

Version 2.5.3, August 5, 2015

Version 2.5.2, May 19, 2015

Version 2.5.1, March 23, 2015

Version 2.5, March 10, 2015

Version 2.4.6, February 17, 2015

Version 2.4.5, November 18, 2014

Version 2.4.4, September 19, 2014

Version 2.4.3, September 9, 2014

Version 2.4.2, August 20, 2014

Version 2.4.1, August 20, 2014

Version 2.4, August 20, 2014

Version 2.2.1, February 18, 2014

Version 2.2, December 3, 2013

Version 2.1, October 14, 2013

Version 2.0.1

Fixed a bug with caching the lists after changing the API key.

Version 2.0

Added the option to subscribe customers to lists based on the product(s) they purchase.

Added an option to disable the signup checkbox on the checkout screen.

Rewrote the entire code base to be more flexible and better all the way around.

Version 1.0.9 Fixed an issue with MC lists not being retrieved correctly.

Version 1.0.8 Added caching to the API list retrieval.

Version 1.0.7 Added the new EDD v1.7 licensing system. Improved the HTML markup.

Version 1.0.6 Send first and last name to Mail Chimp. Minor code improvements.

Version 1.0.5 Fixed a performance problem due to the Mail Chimp API being called on each page load.

Version 1.0.4 Made a minor improvement to the auto updater.

Version 1.0.3 Fixed an undefined index error.

Version 1.0.2 Fixed a conflict with other Mail Chimp plugins. Added complete internationalization support. Added an automatic upgrade system.

Version 1.0.1 Fixed a small bug that showed an undefined index error before settings were saved.

Version 1.0 Initial release.

Important: this is a significant update. Please read our Preowned Sandals Stella Luna 5OlUqZchV
for more information on new features.

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for their email lists. If you’d like to give your visitors a way to subscribe to your list on your blog, you can either use the subscriber popup form, or a regular signup form.

You can create a regular signup form, by embedding a JotForm or Wufoo form withMailChimp integration, directly into your site. Here are specific instructions for eachservice:

The Subscriber Popup Form

However, a subscriber popup form can be more engaging, as it appears on top of your site, the first time a user opens it. Here’s how you can set one up:

First, either Rosa mule Anna Baiguera I01Ai1o
or log in to your current one .

Next, create an email list for your website’s followers. Click here to view instructions on how to create a list in your MailChimp account. Once it’s created, navigateto your list, and click Signup forms .

Signup forms

From there select the Subscriber popup option.

Subscriber popup

Design and configure your form however you’d like.

Pro-Tip: It’s tempting to set up your form to show a popup as soon as visitors open your site. Definitely think about editing the settings to showcase the popup after 5 seconds instead of immediately. The MailChimp form will only show to visitors once! The more time they have to familiarize with your site, the better.

Make sure to Publish your form and then click View Code (both buttons are in the lower right).

Publish View Code

You’ll get a popup with some code. Copy that code, making sure not to change anything.

Back on, head over to Customize and select the site you’d like to run the popup. Select Widgets


And then select the widget area (you may only see one depending on your theme). Next, click the button to Add a Widget .

Add a Widget

Either scroll down the list of widgets or search to find the MailChimp Subscriber Popup .

MailChimp Subscriber Popup

The widget’s settings will come up.

Now you need that snippet of code you copied from MailChimp’s site. Paste your code into the textbox. You can limit where the popup will appear to your visitors by configuring the widget’s Visibility settings . When you’re done making changes click the Save Publish button up at the top.

Save Publish

The first time a visitor comes to your page, they’ll get a popup with your subscribe form. MailChimp stores a cookie in the visitor’s browser so they don’t get the popup more than once. Here is an example:

At the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, we believe in the power of connection. Because when passionate people are paired with purposes they care about most, positive change happens.

Let’s Get Started

Click Me!

2017 Annual Report

Experience the superpower of philanthropy with our 2017 Annual Report

We like to say that the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta is a philanthropic GPS. Why? Because no matter where you are with your philanthropy or where you want to go, we can help you get there. Discover how we did just that for donors, financial advisors and nonprofits in our 2016 Annual Report.

What’s your passion? At the Community Foundation, we’re committed to creating all the right connections. With us as your philanthropic GPS, your journey is focused on the joy of giving.

We’re here to help you connect your clients to the right philanthropic solutions. So you can help your clients achieve their passion—now, and for years to come.

We believe one of the best ways to improve our community is to strengthen the nonprofits doing smart, innovative work. After all, you’re the heart of our mission.

The Community Foundation works hard to make the entire Atlanta region a better place to live, work, learn and thrive. Learn about the different ways you can make a difference, right here in your neighborhood and all around the world.

What is a community foundation? How does it all work—for donors, for nonprofits, for the 23-county Atlanta region and beyond? This introductory video gets you acquainted with the process and the power of philanthropy.

From the arts to education, the environment to well-being, the Community Foundation helps philanthropists like you connect your passions right here in the greater Atlanta region. Here’s just some of the work we’re doing together.





We don’t stop in our mission to make Atlanta better. You might just call it a labor of love. So check it out. And see what joy looks like lately.

Check out our blog for the latest news, updates and events.

Loans support economic development in underserved communities ATLANTA – June 27, 2018 – GoATL Fund (GoATL), an impact investing fund … Read More
By Nikonie Brown, marketing administrative assistant As someone who visited Atlanta frequently growing up and finally moved here nearly four … Read More
The separation of nearly 2,500 children from their parents who are seeking asylum or immigration at our southern border has … Read More

191 Peachtree Street NE Suite 1000Atlanta, GA 30303404.688.5525 Vanessa Seward Woman Ruffled Crepe De Chine Mini Dress Red Size 40 Vanessa Seward UhG6vd

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, Decision making , Social , Thought

By Christian Jarrett

In the UK we’re familiar with the practical implications of increasing population density: traffic jams, longer waits to see a doctor, a lack of available housing.What many of us probably hadn’t realised is how living in crowded environment could be affectingus at a deep psychological level, fostering in us a more future-oriented mindset or what evolutionary psychologists call a “slow life history” strategy.

In their paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , Oliver Sng at the University of Michigan and his colleagues present a range of evidence that shows how this strategyplays out inthe more patient ways that we approach our relationships, parenting and economic decisions. In essence, theresearchers are proposingthat thepresence of greaternumbers of other people in close proximity prompts us to invest in the future as way to compete more effectively.

The idea behind life history theory comes from observing variations in behaviour between and across species, mainly in terms of how they approach reproduction. Species with longer life-spans that live in greater population densities tend to favour moreinvestment in fewer offspring who take more time to develop. In contrast, species living in lower densities and at great risk of predators tend to favour a short-term strategy, for example having as many offspring as early as possible in the hope that at least some will survive. There’s also evidence that the same species, such as Chinook salmon , adjust their mating strategies to the short- or long-term depending on the kind of environment they’re in.

To test how this might play out with humans, Oliver Sng and his team began by comparing the population densities of countries around the world with a range of parenting and relationship-related outcomes. They found that people in more densely populated countries tend to plan more for the future, havefewerchildren, have them later, invest in more long-term relationships, and place a greater emphasis on education (this pattern held even after accounting for between-country differences in urbanisation, economic development and population size ). The same pattern also applied across US states: those with greater population density expressed a more future-oriented focus, a “quality over quantity” approach in terms of relationships and child-rearing, and placed more importance on education.

There are problems with how to interpret this kind of correlational data (for instance, there could be unknown factors involved) so the researchers also conducted some experiments. They found that asking participants to read an apparent New York Times story about increasing population density in the US led them to favour future financial rewards over more immediate gains in a simple economic game. Listening to the soundtrack of a large human crowd, as opposed to white noise, had a similar effect.

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